1: Sal Nunziato pt. 1

Liner Notes episode #1 Sal Nunziato

Liner Notes episode #2 Sal Nunziato

A life long New Yorker. Sal’s fascination with music started early. At 4 He would play along with the Beatles on his home drums. When his parents would take him to House of Oldies, he could identify Beatles singles on the wall. He was invited to accompany older members of his family to concerts in New York because he was as knowledgable as any of them. He began performing with various bands as a drummer and singer and still does today. He started  working in record stores and collecting records as a teenager and has observations on the New York music scene since then. He eventually became a partner in NYCD on New York’s west side where his knowledge of music and recordings became legendary. His writings on music have appeared in The New York Times and regularly in The Huffington Post. Today, As a major dealer of vintage vinyl he is uniquely qualified to discuss the pluses and minuses of vinyl vs C Ds, Mono Vs Stereo.  His weekly blog, “Burning Wood” is a must read for all contemporary music fans. Sal has great stories and firm opinions. jpeden160928__m3_1847

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