5 & 6: Andre’ Duchossoir

Sidetrack Liner Notes episode #5 Andre’ Duchossoir

Sidetrack Liner Notes episode #6 Andre’ Duchossoir

Andre Duchossoir’s 1982 English edition of “Gibson Electrics” was kerosene on the fire of guitar collecting. His accurate writing and the brilliant layout set the bar for all that followed to emulate. How Andre’ born and living in Paris, France was able to do this is one of the questions that will be answered in his interview that makes up these 2 podcast. He has continued to publish a series of books. 1983 “Guitar Identification Fender, Gibson, Martin”, 1988 “The Fender Stratocaster”, 1991 “The Fender Telecaster”, 1994 “Gibson Electrics  The Classic Years”, 2009 “Gibson” Electric Steel Guitars” and to date 3 issues of “Vintage Vertigo”. For the last 35 years, anyone interested in vintage guitars has been effected by his work.

Andre while researching his books for Fender became so involved with the resurrection of the Fender brand that it provided him a unique insite into that chapter of this vital American guitar manufacturer. This is another of the fascinating tales he tells in these podcast.




2 Formative records for Andre’

Pages from the Olympia program 1964

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