14: Richard Alderson pt. 1

SLN # 14 Richard Anderson pt. 1

For years mystery and rumors have surrounded the 1966 tour of Bob Dylan and The Hawks (soon to become The Band) bootlegs continually surfaced most often of the “Judas” concert mislabeled “The Albert Hall Concert” actually recorded at The Free Trade hall in Manchester England. Unknown to almost everyone Bob Dylan decided to have most of the concerts recorded by the audio engineer, Richard Alderson who Albert Grossman had commissioned to build a portable sound reinforcement system for the tour. Dylan had problems with the sound of electric accompaniment since his infamous concert at The Newport Folk Festival the previous  July of 1965. Richard Alderson recorded almost all of the concerts and delivered the tapes to Bob after the tour where they were placed in the Columbia Records vault and forgotten. In 2016 Sony Legacy woke up and realized what they had and released a 36 CD box set , “Bob Dylan The 1966 Live Recordings”.
Sidetrack Liner Notes is pleased to explore the story of these recordings and much more of Robert Aldersons story to date.

Richard on the right. Not every science guy in high school went on to tour with Dylan.


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Richard lived in the heart of Greenwich Village at the height of the 50s-60s folk music scene as well as Jazz and comedy acts that were playing a proliferation of clubs at his doorstep


He was asked to install a sound system for The Gaslight one of the premier clubs on McDougal St. 
Gaslight photo

Richard used this sound system to record 2 nights of performances of Bob Dylan performing some of his original material for the first time now known as “The Gaslight Tapes”.

jpeden161203_Starbucks cover

Many bootlegs and copies of copies of these tapes have been released over the years but look forward to a new C D  this year of a proper release from the Richard’s original recordings.

    We fast forward to 1965 when Bob decides to add electric instruments to his act. The new “electric” recordings are well received but reaction to the live shows is mixed. Nevertheless Bob recruits a Canadian band, The Hawks plays some shows in the U. S. and prepares a “World Tour”. Albert Grossman, Bob’s manager commissions Richard Alderson to build a portable audio system and hires him for the entire tour. The following is a film put together by Sony Legacy to support the 2016 release of the 36 C D box set of the recordings Richard made of these shows  “Bob Dylan The 1966 Live Recordings.”

Brisbane Australia, early in the tour: L to R; Richard Alderson, Unknown, Robbie Robertson, Unknown ,  Bob, Richard Manuel


Later in the tour below Mikey Jones, Bob, Robbie Robertson

jpeden080725_Dylan, Robbie, & Mickey


jpeden051019_Bob & Robbie Stockholm 66

You knew this was coming. Here is a rundown of the gear Richard used for the house sound (PA) and to make the recordings.

Microphones:  Sennheiser 405 for Bob’s Vocals, Electro Voice 666 for guitar & bass amps, Piano,Organ & Drums, Neumann U-47 for drum overhead (cymbals) no direct feeds, all acoustic


Mixer: a pair of Altec 1567 A, Vocal Limiter: Teletronix LA-2A


Amplifier; 3 McIntosh 275, Stage Monitors:  2 Altec 604


House Speakers (PA): 4 Klipsch La Scalas, Recorder: Nagra III B


       May 24, ’66,Bob sitting on a Fender speaker cabinet backstage at L’Olympia with Francoise Hardy holding a copy of James Brown’s LP “Think”. She I believe is sitting on one of the road cases made for Alderson’s audio equipment. A drum case for Mickey Jones can be seen as well as a stack of Fender guitar cases in the back.


©Barry Feinstein MOJO 5/08

The Offending Instruments probably shot at the same time as the above shot.


©The Bootleg Series Vol. 4, Sony Legacy

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