16: Geoff Muldaur pt. 1

SLN # 16 Geoff Muldaur pt. 1

We sit down in Kingston, N Y with Geoff and have a far ranging conversation on all things musical. We get into his early fascination with Blues and Jazz recordings accompanied by his friend Joe Boyd and Joe’s brother Warwick. Geoff’s involvement with the Cambridge scene including his time with the famed Jim Kweskin Jug Band. Geoff and his wife of the time Maria’s  2 L Ps followed by his time in Woodstock as vocalist for Paul Butterfield’s band Better Days. Just too much to list here plus there will be a part 2 podcast #17.

Geoff with his Geoff Muldaur model Martin in Kingston Sept 2017

If you have fond memories of The Jim Kweskin Jug Band (most of us do) then Jim and Geoff’s newest C D release “Penny’s Farm” is an absolute delight. Jim and Geoff both vocalize and play guitar all tunes sometimes aided by Cindy Cashdollar on steel guitar, Suzy Thompson on Fiddle among others with Van Dyke Parks adding Accordion to Bobby Charles “Tennessee Blues”.


Geoff Disparages his first L P, “Sleepy Man Blues” for Prestige claiming “I wasn’t ready”. Don’t listen to him. As Richard Thompson says”There are 3 great white blues singers and Geoff Muldaur is 2 of them” He’s already doing it on these early recordings.

Sleepy man (1 of 1)
Here’s the L P that started the ball rolling for Jim Kweskin and the rest of the Jug band. Geoff Muldaur’s arrangements and performances were a key to this L P’s lasting appeal


Another trip down memory lane. Albert Grossman saw fit to move The Jug Band from “Folkie” label Vanguard to Reprise the happening record company out of L.A. “Garden of Joy” was their first L P for the label.

If you have a Spotify account you can play complete versions of all the tunes referenced in Geoff’s podcast. Click on any tune to play on your device.

Geoff and his wife Maria released 2 L Ps for Reprise “Pottery Pie” and ” Sweet Potatoes” seek them both out. Maria then hit with “Midnight at the Oasis” produced by Geoff’s long time friend Joe Boyd featuring Amos Garrett one of the great Telecaster players. The boys were then turned loose “In the musical candy store” for “Geoff Muldaur is Having a Wonderful Time” the participating musicians on this is L P is staggering


Throughout our interview reference is made to Geoff’s long time friend, Joe Boyd. We highly recommend Joe’s book , “White Bicycles” It’s a great read. He has lead an amazing life in music. That’s Geoff and Maria among others on the cover.


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