17: Geoff Muldaur pt. 2

SLN # 17 Geoff Muldaur pt. 2

Recorded in Kingston N.Y. Part 2 of our conversation with Geoff where he discusses his time in the steel business (go figure?) and return to music recording the wonderful personal C D, “The Secret Handshake” , his 8 year classical music project in Antwerp, “Private Astronomy, the C D that features his arrangements of classic Bix Beiderbecke tunes, The Roots of Geoff Muldaur a project that now numbers 8 C Ds of material (the actual source recordings) that have inspired Geoff. Let’s hope the notes for this project will become an autobiography and trips to Japan that result in The Martin Guitar Co. producing the Geoff Muldaur Model Martin Guitar. If you caught SLN podcast #16 we know you’ve been waiting for part 2.

Bix Beiderbecke has been a favorite of Geoff’s since Boyhood. Private Astronomy his arrangements of Bix’s original piano and other compositions that Bix recorded in his lifetime. In this podcast Geoff discusses Bix, the hand picked musicians and the recording process for this C D.


A wonderful C D personally recorded by Geoff an absolute must. I think he actually likes this one


This really belongs in the blog for podcast #16 but I just came across this copy of the L P by Better Days Geoff spoke of in glowing terms in that podcast It includes their version of “Walking Blues” and “Highway 28”


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