20: Martin Kelly

Martin Kelly is best known to readers of this blog and listeners to the podcast as part of the team that created “Fender The Golden Age” along with his brother Paul the photographer and previous SLN podcast participant Terry Foster . Martin lives in Oxfordshire near London where he runs numerous businesses under the “Heavenly” banner. He manages bands, has a record label and produces films. You’ll have to get up very early to beat Martin to something Fender Vox or other music related items or ephemera.  
Martin Kelly in his office

Sure you’ve got the book. You’ve read it cover to cover and drooled over Paul’s beautiful photos but have you got the CD?  If you haven’t you are missing a major piece of the puzzle, Full of great music played on Fenders by a very tasty selection of musicians but wait there’s more. Where did they find those vintage Fender radio ads? It’s on the ACE label out of the U K. Check their catalogue for some of the best Southern Soul compilations.


Here is your Spotify playlist for this episode, crazy varied just like we like them

This ’61 Vox Duo Tone was in a box by Martin’s door when he’d picked me up from the station. Maybe it wouldn’t win a beauty contest against a Strat but it sure is clean and ultra cool.


Here’s the custom colored Jazzmaster Martin discusses in the podcast not to shabby.


And here’s the “Ultra Rare” Rickenbacker 1965 Rose Morris model 1993 Martin found in Hamburg


That’s Sarah Cracknell lead singer for Saint Etienne and Martin’s wife. He found the Rickenbacker 12 string touring with the band.


Here’s anther item you don’t stumble on every day. I think these promotion items were used on the amps at trade shows. If they were sent to dealers they would be available today. They aren’t.


Leo put a lot of design time into his 12 string bridge which is why many consider the Fender 12 the most playable electric 12.


Any K&F amp is worth celebrating but this is a rare one with a 10″ speaker.


Martin manages The Rails which consist of James Walbourne and Kami Thompson daughter of Richard and Linda Thompson. Seek them out!

THE RAILS, Kami Thompson & James Walbourne, London 13-2-17 © Jill Furmanovsky

We look forward to Martin completing his major book on the history of Vox. This was laying on his kitchen table so you can believe he’s up to the task.


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