23: Emily Duff

If you follow live music in New York then the buzz about Emily Duff has been inescapable. She turns out great new songs with a frequency not seen since that scruffy fellow landed in the Village back in ’61. God bless whoever funded her recent trip to Muscle Shoals to record “Maybe in the Morning ” an L P that stands with the best to EVER come out of The FAME Studio and that’s not said casually. In this podcast, she discusses her music, life and passions with candor and humor. She is joined by her lead guitarist, Scott Aldrich for even more insights and a bit of candid string bending and tube torture. So clear a bit of time, grind some beans, brew a cup of the good stuff and prepare to be throughly entertained by Ms Duff and friends.


“Go Tell Your Friends” is an 8 song CD of Demos she cut with Scott that just had to be fleshed out to this finished product unfortunately no longer available as a CD. You can download it however and better yet catch her live. Prepare to be stunned by her “Force of Nature” live sets of original material. 

Her residency at The Cowgirl Hall of Fame (3rd Monday every month) is one of the best live music scenes in NYC. Greenwich Village like it used to be.

Duff Cowgirl (1 of 1)

The playlist for this podcast is naturally heavy with Muscle Shoals tunes.

The interplay between Scott and Emily is a rare thing and a joy to behold.

Duff+Scott-studio (1 of 1)
Walk of Shame (1 of 1)

Emily Duff’s latest “Maybe in the Morning” was recorded at The Fame Studio in Muscle Shoals. She completely channels the vibe of that storied studio. Do yourself a favor, get in as a vinyl LP.


Emily is returning to Muscle Shoals to record a 2nd Lp. You can support her effort with a contribution to her “Go Fund Me” drive at:



For an overview of FAME the Kent Records 3 C D set will fill all the holes

7-7855-Chest_3 drawer_Late Gustavian (1 of 1)

For more immersion into Rick Hall’s world don’t forget.




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