27: Jimmy Vivino

Jimmy Vivino is the complete musician, guitarist, keyboard player, composer, arranger, and producer with a deep appreciation for the musical path we are all on. Mr Vivino is well known for a variety of gigs. His collaborations with legendary blues and rock luminaries are simply to lengthy to list. For years he has been a member of The Fab Faux (the ultimate Beatles re-creation band) with Will Lee, Rich Pagano, Jack Petruzzelli and Frank Angello. He currently resides in Los Angeles but was involved with the vibrant east coast scene around Woodstock, N Y working with John Sebastion and crew on several Jug band projects and the much celebrated “Midnight Rambles” sessions hosted by Levon Helm while he was still with us but still carrying on today. Clear some time to enjoy this podcast featuring Jimmy’s stories all of which reflect his deep appreciation and love of musicians and all thing musical. A raconteur of the first order.

master portrait-1

The Fab Faux is the ultimate Beatles re-creation Band.

Here they are early on at NYC’s The Bitter End kind of like their Cavern Days.

fab faux at bitter end

Here are some photos of the band at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom April 2002 early in their run. As you can tell they were serious about this right out of the box.

Jimmy of course on a Rickenbacker
jpeden020514_Jimmy & little Ricky
L-R Jack, Frank, Will and Jimmy
jpeden020515_Jack Will & Jimmy come on
L-R Will-Jimmy
jpeden020515_Will & Hofner on left_
The Hogshead Horns 
jpeden020514_Hogshead horns_
Rich Pagano on drums
jpeden020514_Rich & Will_
Jimmy with his “The Fool” SG for “While my guitar gently weeps” Even the back is correct.
Jimmy’s back 
Vivano's back

Jimmy’s work with Johnny Johnson brought him close to Chuck Berry who’s influence on American music can not be overstated. Here’s Chuck at San Francisco’s Fillmore in the late 60’s

Chuck Berry at the Filmore late 60s

Before moving to Los Angeles where he now lives, Jimmy was involved with the music scene in Woodstock, N Y. He worked with John Sebastion on several Jug band projects.


Although Levon is no longer with us his barn “Music Rambles” continue. Jimmy was a big part of their success. He also appears on the C D “Electric Dirt” .


Jimmy refers to a photo shoot where I shot his early head shots. It took a bit of digging but I found them. He’s always looked cool.

Jimmy Vivino

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