28: Alan Rogan


Alan Rogan Has consulted on, found, set up, tuned and looked after the guitars of some the the most demanding guitarist of the last 40 years. You’ll know who he is talking about when he uses the names: Pete, George, Keith, Mick, Eric, Ronnie, Jeff and others. From his relaxed, gentlemanly and informed conversation it is obvious why he’s lasted so long in such demanding situations. It is an honor to sit across the table from him in London 10/19 for this podcast.


Here’s one of the Telecasters that Alan set up for Keith .


Keith sits_B&W

Here is Pete Townsend of The Who at the Fillmore in San Francisco in the late 60s a bit before Alan started to work for him.

jpeden181115_High kick


pete Townsend  of The Who


November 1981 The Stones at Madison Sq. Garden touring to support Tattoo You . Probably just before Alan started to work for them. Note Ronnie Wood is playing the blond Stratocaster.

jpeden181116_dirty work 1

Here is the full line up of principals for that tour with Bobby Keys on sax and Ian Stewart (the 6th Stone) on keys and left of him Ian McLagan also on piano

jpeden181116_Dirty work 2

Hard to believe but Alan tells of George Harrison asking him to find a Carvin guitar for him. Carvin? Well here’s their 1962 catalogue. I’m sure they are serviceable but they appear to be about one level above shop class build.



in this podcast we discuss our mutual like for the Fender Jazzmaster and discuss “The Jazzmaster that never was” made by Fender’s custom shop for G. E. Smith.


A great read from a friend of Alan’s. You won’t put this one down.


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