33: The John Sally Ride

Do yourself a favor. Listen to this podcast and get captivated by the musical camaraderie that swirls between John Dunbar lead singer and songwrtiter (A Confederacy of Dunces, The Kunks), Sal Maida, bassist (Roxy Music, Sparks, Milk N Cookies) and Sal Nunziato, drummer (Pep In The Cat, The Cool Jerks). The musical references come fast and furious like they probably did in the studio when they recorded their hook fueled new C D “Nothing Doing” a follow up to their first CD , “A New Set of Downs”. The 3 New Yorkers were kind enough to share their experiences and enthusiasm for this podcast. These guys know their craft and are having a good time practicing it. A great ride for sure.

Bandcamp link for The John Sally Ride: https://thejohnsallyride.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-doing

“I Love you Minnie More” John Dunbar’s song inspired by John Cassavetes 1971 film “Minnie and Moskovitz” Re-edited by Derek Davidson.

Sal Maida’s book . A rock and Roll life

Link for Burning Wood, Sal Nunziato’s excellent music blog: www.burnwoodtonite.blogspot.com

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