34: Dan Forte

Dan Forte’s musical journey was blessed from the start: Family– father who loved Django Reinhardt, Location- the S.F. Bay Area, Timing- the 60s. Throw in talent, humor, taste and skill for a can’t miss mixture. Dan took full advantage of S.F.’s 60’s- 70’s scene where live music was everything.  While getting his BA at Stanford, he taught an accredited “History of the Blues”class, put on concerts and wrote about music for the university‘s newspaper. Journalism followed, where he helped Guitar Player Magazine rise to the top. 

Eventually Senior Associate Editor at GP, Dan also introduced the mysterious but always humorous Teisco Del Rey who has brought to light some of the weirdest guitars ever, and received the prestigious ASCAP/Deems Taylor Award for excellence in music journalism. After relocating to Austin, he released 2 instrumental-rock albums, “The Many Moods of Teisco Del Rey” (1992) and “Teisco Del Rey Plays Music for Lovers” (1996). As Teisco he maintains an inspiring if sporadic concert schedule.

Dan has interviewed a veritable encyclopedia of guitarists. We await the book that must be forthcoming. For more than a decade, he has called Vintage Guitar Magazine home base. His cover story on Mike Bloomfield is as good as it gets. His VG reviews are always spot on as well. 

In this extensive podcast Dan holds nothing back. It’s a joyful ride where he shares his lifetime pursuit and love of music. 

Dan and Albert King Hayward California 1970

Dan and James Jamerson in L.A. 1977 with the Precision Bass that changed music

From his position at Guitar Player Magazine during the 80’s Dan interviewed many of the greats. It helped that he knew who the greats were. Here he is having too much fun interviewing Duane Eddy

© Deed Eddy

Teisco Del Rey, Dan’s nom de guitar makes the scene at a late 80s NYC guitar show

This guitar followed him home. He kept it for awhile

The Many Moods of Teiseco Del Rey

No Sophomore Slump for Teisco

Gary Smith on Harp with Dan on guitar. Check Gary’s harp on Southbay Beatdown on the Spotify playlist for SLN #34

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