41: G.E. Smith

Of course GE has done it all. He started playing publicly in Pennsylvania when he was 11, did the obligatory 10,000 hours with The Scratch Band in Ct., produced hit after hit and toured with with Hall and Oates, lead the powerhouse Saturday Night Live band in New York, toured the world playing with Bob Dylan among others and is active today with a newly recorded album waiting in the wings soon to be released. His first hand knowledge of instruments and equipment can not be matched. The man knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t hold back. This is a much anticipated and enjoyable podcast recorded on a sparkling day in Amagansett. He is most  generous with his time and stories. Settle in for a pleasurable and wide ranging conversation with one of the smartest, most talented and just plain nicest musicians today. 

G E and Cesar Diaz started their quest for vintage instruments when neither they or the instruments were old.

That TORO mower is pre CBS.

Cesar and GE couldn’t buy beer legally but they were rocking!


He didn’t wast much time graduating to the good stuff.

G E gained wide exposure when he led the Saturday Night Live band during their heydays. He got a chance to play with most of his musical heroes. Many viewers tuned in just to see what cool old guitar he was using that week.

©Ken Regan Getty Images

GE lead the band for the 30th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s recording career.
L-R: Roger McGuinn, G E, Eric Clapton, Bob, Tom Petty, Steve Cropper Neil Young.How

Peter Wolf’s Soul review The Beacon Theatre NYC.

Backing Irma Thomas on a Jazzmaster.

Percy Sledge singing “When a man loves a woman” like it was the first time.

Mike Eldred of Fender Honors George with introduction of the G. E. Smith model Telecaster. which is based on George’s love of Leo Fenders earl lap steels. Note the neck markings and unusual pick up mounting.

This video was created to help settle the question of this Telecaster’s authenticity as belonging to Mike Bloomfield.

Once again George leads a band. This time for Les Paul’s 100th birthday celebration. Another group of great guitarist takes their direction from G E.

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