39 Stony Hill

Stony Hill is G. E. Smith’s new project. Listeners to Sidetrack Liner Notes know G. E’s stellar resume. He’s entered a new phase with this collaboration with Seattle singer songwriter Leroy Bell. We coaxed them to the microphones for this podcast following a photo shoot for their new album “Stony Hill”. It is obvious from the music these guys create that they are glad the found each other, having a good time and creating great music for us to enjoy. This free flowing podcast is pretty enjoyable also. Check out “Stony Hill”.

You can just feel how much fun these guys had creating this music

G.E. Smith and LeRoy Bell members of Stony Hill 2020

Here is the Epiphone Sheraton that is currently Mr Smith’s favorite electric guitar. Don’t tell his blackguards.

Down in George’s basement a while ago. I think most of these were “catch and release”. Probably wish your basement looks like this.

I Think that is enough for now.

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