10: Flip Scipio pt. 2

SLN # 10 Flip Scipio pt. 2

I know you enjoyed Pt. 1 of our conversation with guitar wizard Mr Scipio. Pt 2 may be even more entertaining so go to I Tunes and navigate to Sidetrack Liner Notes podcast #10.


My first notice of Ry Cooder was the amazing film “Performance” staring Mick Jagger, James Fox and Anita Pallenberg with a sound track under the direction of Jack Nitzsche. One of the great soundtrack albums featuring Randy Newman, Mary Clayton, Jack’s future wife, Buffy St.Marie and Ry Cooder. His slashing slide guitar was all over this soundtrack but especially on “Memo From Turner” with Mick Jagger on lead vocal. 

                         Ry Cooder live at The Ritz NYC early  80s.

Ry Cooder at the Ritz early 80s

Chicken Skin Music and the follow up album Showtime proved he was more than a studio slide guitar ace which of course he was.


1981 Lindley’s first of 3 albums with his band El Rayo-X sure to get the party started


David Lindley at NYC’s The Bottom Line

David Lindley at The Bottom  Line NYC

Gardern of Joy_cover

Do yourself a favor and get the DVD of Joni Mitchel “Shadows and Light”    

Just how good is your sound system? Doesn’t matter the music is great Jaco is just outstanding on this.


  Flip produced Bigsby equipped Telecasters for Bruce to use on The Rising tour.


Robbie McIntosh with the results of guitar hunting while touring with the Pretenders in the USA. Studio shot NYC early 80s. He later toured with Paul McCartney when he contacted Flip for work on a Guild guitar which eventually led to Flip working on Paul’s original Honer bass.

Robbie McIntosh

Paul’s Hofner bass at a photo shoot in London for The Guitar Collection book with John Hammel

A Pauls’s eye view of his Hofner

Paul MaCarney's Hofner bass

This Hofner is just the kind of guitar that Flip loves to set up to play like the Strat of your dreams


Don’t miss a visit to Flip’s website:  http://www.flipscipio.com/

9: Flip Scipio pt.1

SLN # 9 Flip Scipio pt. 1

If you live or have come through New York and take your guitar playing seriously you probably know the name, Flip Scipio. Flip was born in Holland, studied lutherie in London and came to the U.S. in the middle 80s. His first 2 years were with The Guild Guitar Company then in Rhode Island. In 1988 he began a 7 year stint at Staten Island’s renowned vintage instrument dealer, Mandolin Brothers where he gained first hand knowledge of anything with frets that was worth maintaining. When you’ve handled everything you fear nothing. He currently works out of a magnificent industrial loft in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn which he shares with a wife, Mitzi who restores and binds rare books. We joined him here for Sidetrack Liner Notes Podcast #9 & #10. Flip is such an entertaining speaker that he could have a career in stand up. However, there would be a long line at his door in Bushwick in need of his guitar wizardry.  Imagine the following who’s guitars he’s worked on  lined up at his door: George Benson, Edie Brickell, Jeff Bridgers, Jackson Browne, Larry Campbell, Jim Campilongo, Rosanne Cash, Shawn Colvin, Ry Cooder, Bob Dylan, Tony Garner, Mary Halverson, Norah Jones, Patty Larkin, Will Lee, Adrian Legg, John Leventhal Paul MaCartney, Marc Ribot, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, Slash, Bruce Springston, Leni Stern Stephen Stills, Suzanne Vega, Tony Visconti, and Rufus Wainwright. You get the idea. So settle down for a very informative and entertaining listen.


Paul Simon’s Guild F-30 at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


© The Guitar Collection Book


© The Guitar Collection Book

Spotify Playlist for SLN Episode #9

Vintage DeArmond pickups       T-B: RHC-B, 2000B Dynasonic, 1100

Hawk Equalizer/distortion device of the type possibly used by Rory Gallagher

1952 Les Paul Standard with Trapez bridge (strings under)


1954 Les Paul Standard all gold finish


1950s Les Paul Standards Neck angle compared


©John Peden

Current Flip Scipio Steel string guitar modeled after Oliver Ditson



Cindy Cashdollar on a Marc Simon Terraplane resonator guitar

8: Dan Erlewine pt. 2

SLN # 8 Dan Erlewine pt 2

We continue our conversation with master guitar repairman, Dan Erlewine. He shares some tips on acoustic guitar buying and set up. He discusses some novel inventions of his own like “The Rocking Chair” a piece of furniture that holds your guitar while you sit on it, folk art for sure and capos that screw right into the neck of his guitars.


© photos courtesy Dan Erlewine

Great stories about musicians he knows and shows he’s

seen. Not to be missed.


Eric Clapton with Cream, First appearance at The Fillmore San Francisco August 1967 playing his Gibson SG painted by “The Fool”. The Prime Movers, Dan Erlewine’s band opened one of Cream’s shows that week.


Jimmie Rodgers 00-18


©The Guitar Collection Book

Used on The Bristol Sessions with Ralph  Peer with the handwritten date 8-4-27 of his  session


©The Guitar Collection Book

Blind Blake


Junior Wells and Buddy Guy on Delmark Buy this record.


Magic Sam also on Delmark


Michael Bloomfield will take you to school for the Blues


Check out the current  Fretboard Journal # 37 for a very nice series of recollections of Michael by those that knew and played with him by John Kruth.


L-R Tom Erlewine, Dan Erlewine , Tom Crandall at T R Crandall Guitars NYC 10/16

Sidetrack Liner Notes Podcast #7 Dan Erlewine

It is with pleasure that we welcome Dan Erlewine probably best known as the voice and face of Stewart MacDonald supplier of all things needed to keep our guitars happy. Dan’s roots are deep going back to the folk boom days of the late 50s through The Prime Movers Blues Band in San Francisco in ’67, editing a column for “Guitar Player” for 15 years and now editing “Dan’s Guitar Rx” for “Vintage Guitar Magazine” In his years on the guitar trail there isn’t much he hasn’t seen, played and probably fixed. His knowledge and love of guitars, music and musicians is front and center in podcast #7 & #8. 

Like many of us The Kingston Trio were the entry point for Dan. He refinished his first guitar to make it resemble one of these Martins

Freddie King’s LPs were a huge influence on guitarist on both sides of the Atlantic. 

In 2015 Mike Bloomfield’s ’63 Telecaster surfaced in Dan’s shop which set off a scramble to authenticate it. See G.E. Smith’s reaction to this guitar in the previous blog about Bob Dylan. Here is Dan’s video about refretting this guitar.

Albert King with “Lucy” The Flying V Dan made for him.


©Paul Natkin Photo Reserve

Jerry Garcia playing the custom Strat Dan built for him.

09 jerry garcia.jpg

©Dan Erlewine

Dan’s home movie of Jerry receiving the Strat Dan built for him.

©Dan Erlewine

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